Dragonfly Writer’s Retreat

Last summer, three of my closest writer buddies and I traveled north to a beautiful cabin in the woods. We planned to ignore our iPhones (and families) while practicing the craft of writing for three glorious days. We studied short stories, cooked delicious meals, read poetry, hiked the hills, and roasted marshmallows.

We also met a swarm of dragonflies.

While we sat in a circle by the riverbed, studying our craft, they came to us. We’d been working on sensory descriptions, taking a ten minute session of free-writing, when all of the sudden we saw dragonflies dancing above our heads. A handful at first, then more and more. We were stunned and thrilled, pointing to them and smiling at each other, celebrating quietly, afraid we would scare them off.

The dragonflies circled and swooped. They seemed to respond to our energy, the happiness we felt out there in nature, and the creativity we were putting into the world. Our visitors only stayed for a few minutes, but the memory will be with me forever.

Now, whenever I see a dragonfly image, I smile and feel like I’ve been reminded to honor my creative side, right here, right now. I don’t have to drive to the woods to be a writer, and neither do you.

Wishing you all a dragonfly day.

4 thoughts on “Dragonfly Writer’s Retreat

  1. Trish says:

    Windy: What a delight to know that nature is lighting the path to nurture your talent!
    Lovely though and I am so happy I visited your blog today! See you soon. Trish


  2. Rita A. says:

    How wonderful. Well deserved visitors.


  3. Renee says:

    I remember you telling about this. Unforgettable indeed. So lovely when nature shows up at just the right time! Like the right words, the right book. Like inspiration. You’re good at all of these Windy! Keep on. Thank you, Renee


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